handmade jewelleryOne To One Service
  • Traditional and Modern Designs in Platinum, Gold or Silver.
  • With your guidance we can make an unique piece of bespoke jewellery for you or your loved one.
  • We can work to almost any budget.  It is our aim to make bespoke jewellery available to everyone.
  • We use traditional and modern techniques to create your bespoke piece, from hand making by a skilled craftsmen with sheet and tube to computer aided design to create a unique model & casting.  The method all depends on the design and requirements of your item.  bespoke jewellery
  • We manufacture all our bespoke jewellery ourselves so we can easily change things on your completed piece or make a matching item at a later date. 
  • We will advise on the practicalities of you design and advise on durability of stones. 
  • We can help you choose the best gem for your design and budget.


  • We can make new items of jewellery from your old or broken jewellery which means you only have to pay the labour cost.  Any carets of gold can be mixed to make you an unique piece of jewellery.
  • If you are bored with a piece of jewellery because of style , the stoneshandmade jewellery and gold can be used to make a new exciting piece for you to wear.

What Can We Make

  • Anything!  We have made all sorts of items from the ordinary to the extraordinary, such as engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and items to match existing pieces of jewellery
  • Browse our gallery of commissioned pieces we have made. 

Wedding Ringsbespoke jewellery

  • Although we stock our own range of wedding rings we can make your ring to your own design.
  • We other a bespoke fitting service which means that however unusual your engagement ring, we will be able to handmake a wedding ring which will fit around it and compliment it perfectly.
  • When purchasing your wedding ring from us we will professionally polish and clean your engagment ring free of charge. 

How long Does It Take

  • It normally takes 3-4 weeks to have a bespokehandmade jewellery piece made but it can take as little as 2 weeks depending on design.
  • We are happy to organise commission pieces by telephone/email/post or we are happy to visit you in your own home. 

Photos Below:  Customers own rings before, and the diamonds used from the original rings, made into one new ring. 

Photos Right:  The making a the Diamond and Emerald Necklace

bespoke jewellery